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Solar Project Checklist

To ensure accuracy of important details reviewed with you today by your Energy Consultant,
please review the details below that has been reviewed and acknowledged by you.

1. Account Manager

For Quality Assurance, you have been assigned a personal Account Manager (AM) to help assist you with anything during the installation process. There will be times your AM will email/text you requesting signatures, or pertinent information needed to keep your project moving. It is suggested that you respond in a timely manner to avoid delays in the progress of your project.

>2. What Happens Next

In this packet is a "What happens Next" guide with the 8 stages of the solar installation process. These timelines are approximate and not actual, and there are many factors that can delay your solar installation. It our intention to get your system installed as soon as possible, however there are instances that are out of our control that could delay the progress. We will contact you in the event of any delays.

3. Roof Leak Warranty

The warranty for any roof penetrations from the installation of solar panels are as follows:
SunPower® Loan: 12 Years
SunPower® Lease: 12 Years

4. Tier 2 Insurance

Any Project that is over 11. 76kW is required by YOUR UTILITY COMPANY to hold a 1-million-dollar Premises Only liability insurance coverage. We can assist you in obtaint!Yg-this policy. Contact your AM for details.

5. Income Tax Credit

The government is currently offering a tax credit for customers that go solar. Evergreen Solar Solutions and your Energy Consultant are not tax professionals or advisors. We cannot guarantee any specific credit you may/not receive from purchasing this system. Please consult your accountant for any tax credits you may receive against your tax liabilities.

6. Homeowners Association (HOA) Approval

Florida Statute 163.04 (attached) forbids HOA's from prohibiting a homeowner from installing solar. If you choose to obtain your HOA's approval we will provide you with the necessary details for the application, but we do not request their approval on your behalf.

7. Net Metering

It has been explained to me how net metering works, and I fully understand that there are months where I could receive a bill from my utility company when I use more energy than what my system is producing.

NASA - SpaceX uses SunPower® Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Used by NASA - SpaceX