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SunPower® Solar Panels
SunPower® Elite Dealer - Evergreen Solar Solutions

Evergreen Solar Solutions

SunPower® Elite Dealer - Evergreen Solar Solutions
Proven Track Record

Based in the U.S., with headquarters in the Silicon Valley. SunPower® has focused solely on solar power for 38+years. We are relentless in our quest to bring the most innovative and highest quality solar solutions to every market, and to do it all sustainably. No other solar company offers such a complete package.

One Warranty. SunPower® 25 Year Complete Confidence Warranty

One Phone Number Call (321) 999-9202 Evergreen Solar Solutions for all your SunPower® support needs.

More Long-Term Value. SunPower® high-performing systems and flexible financing deliver exceptional savings from day one and tremendous value for decades to come.

More Experienced. When it comes to solar, experience matters. SunPower® is a stable leader and trusted partner in solar technology worldwide.

Industry Leader. Eight (8%) Percent or less degradation at year 25.

38 Years of Innovation. The number 1 company in the entire solar industry.

More Sustainability Efforts. To us, sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising our future.

Trusted by Major Corporations. The top name brands in every industry has trusted Evergreen & SunPower® with all of their solar panel needs.

SunPower® is the solar provider of choice for the world's leading organizations.

SunPower®, The Smartest Choice Under the Sun

38+ Years

We've been harnessing solar power for more than three decades, powering over 500,000+ homes.


Projected useful life means you'll enjoy solar savings to the middle of the century and beyond.

Number 1 Ranking

Ranking in durability tests means your system will stand up to the elements.

25 Years

Complete Confidence Warranty is the only home solar warranty to cover your whole system (not just the panels).

60% (Percent)

More Energy in the same space over 25 years than conventional panels means you save more on your electricity bills over time.

Cradle To Cradle

Earned the Cradle to Cradle Silver Designation for our direct current X-Series and E-Series panels-adhering to strict standards in material health, material reuse, renewable energy use, water stewardship, and social fairness.

If you want the best...
Go to the Source!

With a SunPower® installation, you get the world's best solar solution - Sun Power Equinox® - paired with world-class workmanship. In other words - serious peace of mind for the lifetime of your investment.

In-Depth Expertise

SunPower® designs your entire system, so we know it better than anyone.

Exceptional Warranty & Support

Make the most of your investment, from consult to install and beyond.

100% SunPower® Certified Components

No piece meal systems here - we use SunPower® certified parts for a reason.

Unparalleled System Performance

Designed and warranted by a single company to work better together.


What you see is just as important as what you don't see. In addition to who is installing your solar, make sure you know how it's getting installed.

Rigorous Training

Our technical professionals know the ins and outs of every system and part.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

Every install is a reflection of our brand, so Just okay is never okay.

Local SunPower® Installers

And experts at that-no novices or under-trained crews here.

Relentless Focus on Safety

That means roof safety, health, distancing and touch-free installation.

Don't forget the Federal Tax Credit!
Get as much as 30% of the System Cost as Tax Credit!